Make Extra Cash While You're Cooking or Watching TV

Not everyone can multitask, but if you're one of the skilled few that can, you may just be able to turn your ability into a money-spinner. There's no need to neglect your responsibilities at home or to give up on watching your favorite shows in your downtime.

Here are a few relatively non-intrusive ways of bringing in some extra Greenbacks while you carry on doing what you do, every day.

Watch videos and get paid

No, that's not a joke. Sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and RealSurveysThatPay offer a variety of ways for anyone with an internet connection to make a little extra money online.

One of the ways you can generate an income on these platforms is by watching sponsored videoson a variety of topics. These include product videos, news, "how to" videos and various other themed and branded productions.

Just drag the iPad or your phone into the kitchen with you when it's your turn to fix dinner, and casually watch some online content or take a paid survey. What's the worst that could happen? The video may be lousy. That's about it.

If you're feeling really lucky, apply to be a Netflix tagger. Netflix taggers spend the day watching Netflix content and get paid to tag videos with metadata. So, yes, you can actually get paid to watch Netflix!


If you're a good typist who doesn't need to look at the keyboard all the time, have good spelling, grammar and punctuation, and are capable of typing a fair number of words per minute, you can do this from the comfort of your couch while your favorite show is on in the background.

You'll find transcribing work by browsing various career websites - like Glassdoor and Indeed - or by getting in touch with companies like Rev or TranscribeMe.As a transcriber, you will assist companies in converting audio files to text, and you'll ensure that the spelling and grammar is correct. This is generally done on a purely freelance and remote basis, so you can choose when and where you want to work,and payment will be done electronically.

Sell your space

In big cities like NYC and most other large metropolitan areas, space is at a premium. And anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset - and space - can take advantage of that. If you live in an apartment and have an allocated parking bay, but don't own a car, you can rent your parking spot out through a site like JustPark.

You can also rent out space in your driveway online if you're in the suburbs. This kind of income is about as passive as it gets. Once you've made all the necessary arrangements to rent out your spot, you can sit back, grab your book, Kindle, or remote control, chill and collect at the end of every month.


If baking for friends and family is a hobby and you're good at it, it really couldn't hurt to try and make a little extra cash doing something you enjoy. It's important to note, though, that if you are considering starting a home-baked goods business, you should check out the laws in your state first.

In some states, Cottage Food Laws make itillegal sell home-baked goods. This all depends on which state you're in. You can get an idea of where the restrictions are here. If there are no restrictions in your state, you're good to go.

When you're deciding what to bake, make your friends and family your test subjects. Try a few recipes until you find one or two that people love, then test out the waters by advertising on social media platforms or online. Word of mouth also helps. Try selling to people you know and get them to help you spread the word.

Eat healthy

If you're in the habit of snacking in front of the TV, try trading the popcorn and pretzels for something healthier. And if you're confident that you can stay on the healthy food for long enough to lose a little weight, you could take a bet on that and potentially win some money.

HealthyWage is an online platform that literally asks you to put your money where your mouth is. Register on HealthyWage, then take your personal weight loss bet,or start a team weight loss challenge with your friends, family, or colleagues. You can bet as little or as much as you want to. Obviously, the more you bet, the more you could win - but that's up to you.

What could be better than being paid to get healthy and feel better? Put the chips down and grab that bag of carrots! You can do it!